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Google Expanded Mobile Text Ads – Are you ready?

Google is in the process of making substantial changes to AdWords. Recently we reported on the impact of scrapping the AdWords sidebar, and now Google’s latest innovation is Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). The rollout of ETAs will place a heavy emphasis on the importance of mobile advertising, and undoubtedly will have a huge impact on advertisers. …

Google AdWords Scraps Sidebar Ads : The mad scramble for the Top 4

For some time now Google has been testing the way in which PPC ads appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) and now suddenly the search engine has completely changed the game. No longer will ads appear in the sidebar, which will be reserved for other purposes and rather than showing three ads above the …

  • Posted: 12/02/2016
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Optimise your PPC Campaigns using Customer Lifetime Values

Paid search advertising has several advantages over conventional advertising, but the one that really sets it apart is how readily it can be tracked. We can track and analyse revenue and sales and correlate these with our investment in PPC advertising in almost real time. At the next level we can identify the most effective keywords and …

Display Ad Formats for Paid Search: HTML5 vs Flash

For many years Flash has been the most popular format for banner ads that include rich media. Compared to static formats, in the right hands it was the perfect solution for driving high click through rates. But time has moved on and today it is no longer clear that Flash is the best solution. While GIF remains a good format to fall back on for static and animated banners, …

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