Free Google Adwords PPC Audit / Review

Are you already running a Google Adwords PPC campaign and want someone to Audit or Review it? Maybe you are not getting enough sales, enquiries or phone calls from it. Maybe you feel you are spending too much and are not getting your ROI (Return On Investment). Or maybe you just want someone to review it to make sure all the boxes are ticked and how you can further expand or improve on the campaign.

With over 15 years of experience in PPC and other forms of Paid Search, I’ll go through your PPC campaign and review it with view to reporting back to you some of the following points:

  • Campaign Structure
  • Account & campaign settings
  • Geo-targeting, ad-scheduling, etc
  • Keywords used and match types
  • Use of negative keywords
  • A review of your landing pages
  • Quality score’s – landing pages, Ads
  • Ad extensions
  • Budget allocated to Campaigns, Adgroups, Keywords
  • Types of Bidding Strategies that have been implemented.
  • Advice on how you can better manage your campaign and any other recommendations
  • Opportunities – What else you can implement that you may not already be doing

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